Our capability

Our company provides lighting and grip solutions to the industry for feature films, TV commercials, reality TV, TV series/dramas and still's photo shoots.

Established in 2005 -  initially to provide lighting services - we saw the opportunity to integrate a grip solution to enable us to provide a single point supply for all professional lighting/grip production requirements.  This we have achieved by our continuous investment in a broad range of new equipment to maxmise capability and efficiency.

We aim to offer a range of flexible solutions for all your lighting requirements with our dedicated lighting packages and lighting/grip combinations.  From the maxi combo lighting/grip truck 6 x 4-wheel drive Scania to the mini combo lighting/grip truck to the spacious Toyota 4-wheel drive van and also a 4-wheel drive Quad bike with trailer for locations with difficult access there's an option for all needs.

We can offer a fully customisable lighting/grip package to be tailored for the requirements of each shoot from the smallest to the high-end.

 Included in our crew is a NZ Registered Electrician and Engineer.